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Vet Consent prior to an appointment

Your appointment

Appointment booking is easy and can be made by either the owner or referring veterinary practice. Telephone Anna on                          or leave a message on the answering service. Alternatively you can complete the contact form (Please note responses can take up to 5 working days.) 

Vets can forward the referral form and any case notes via email to Anna on info@awvetphysio.co.uk. Please note that physiotherapy appointments can only proceed with consent from a veterinary surgeon, as per the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. 

My aim is to make your appointment as relaxed and stress free as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this prior to your appointment. To better understand what to expect from an appointment, please scroll down.

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How to Book

Firstly it is important to note, that by LAW, I have to work via veterinary referral/ consent as per the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

This therefore requires referral/ consent from your vet and this must be gained prior to the appointment with me for to treat an animal. To speed the process up, print my referral form off and take this to your vet to complete. Once you have the completed form, please email it to info@awvetphsyio.co.uk or call me (leave a voicemail if I am unavailable) to notify me that you have the completed form. 

Appointments range from 60-90+ minutes for your initial consultation, with follow up sessions lasting up to 60 minutes.

When I first meet with you and your animal, I will observe their general day to day movement as well as their resting phase. In most cases, I will observe your animal through various gaits, with the addition of horses also being observed on the lunge or ridden where necessary.

Following the gait analysis, I move on to the clinical assessment which involves gaining a full history of your animal's lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, behaviour etc. I then progresses to palpation of the soft tissues, assess their joints and range of motion, as well as posture. This is the stage where pain responses, if any, are noted. A further discussion is then had to what your aspirations are for the future of your animal, which allows me to devise a treatment and exercise programme.

Following the initial consultation, I will discuss with you a treatment plan which includes the frequency of treatment, the exercise commitment that you may be required to part take in to progress the rehabilitation, as well as modalities available within the programme specifically designed for your animal.  

It is important that you and your animal to feel comfortable throughout the appointments, so should have have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask me. Our ultimate objective is to restore your animal to as normal function as possible, whilst maintaining a calm and relaxed treatment process.

Please note that appointment times are an approximate for home or yard visits and may vary up to 30 minutes depending on traffic etc. All in-clinic appointments are an actual time so please be prompt. Please allow sufficient time for you appointment.

How to prepare for your appointment

There are a number of things you can do to prepare your animal for their treatment. 


  • Please arrive with a clean and dry dog for your appointment.
  • Avoid exercising your dog within 2hrs prior to the appointment time.
  • If you are attending an in-clinic appointment, give your dog time to become familiar with the  smells, sounds of the area and hopefully relax. Please stay with your car until your appointment time.
  • If you have a nervous dog, please notify me prior to the appointment.
  • Please ensure you have a correctly fitted collar or harness on your dog for the appointment.
  • Have a list of any medications or supplements that you give to your horse.


  • Ensure your horse is clean and dry prior to their assessment and treatment.

  • Avoid exercising your horse within 2hrs prior to the appointment time.
  • Have a list of any medications or supplements that you give to your horse.

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